Other conversational engines

Virbe seamlessly supports integration with several widely-used conversational engines, enhancing its versatility and use case applicability. Below are the conversational engines that Virbe is compatible with:

  • Dialogflow: Empower your Virbe bots with Google's renowned conversational AI.

  • Botpress: Leverage the power of an open-source conversational AI with Virbe.

  • Microsoft Bot Framework: Integrate Microsoft's comprehensive bot-building platform for a unified experience.

  • Jovo: Utilize the flexibility of Jovo to extend your bot's capabilities across multiple platforms.

  • Rasa: Harness the power of Rasa for advanced natural language understanding and conversation management.

  • Custom Engines: Virbe's API allows for the integration with custom-made engines, providing endless customization possibilities.

Each of them is further described in the subsequent chapters.

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