Installing Botpress

To start your Botpress integration, you need to have your own instance up and running. There are three ways of doing that:

  • Download and install an Open Source instance of Botpress. You will find all the information needed to have an online instance ready to go on the website. If you don't know how to use docker composer, we will provide a step-by-step guide soon.

  • Go with the paid version of Botpress – fees are project- and user-based. In that case, hosting will be provided by Botpress.

  • Go with Virbe – we can set it all up for you! Just contact us and let us know what your needs are! We will give you custom pricing for that.

Botpress setup for Virbe: virbe-payload module

Once you have a Botpress instance up and running, in order to make it work with Virbe payload, you need to download a plugin file and import it into the Botpress admin panel as a new module.

Create your first chatbot

Now, you're ready to create your first chatbot. You can either create a new chatbot from scratch or import an existing project.

How to design conversation flow with Botpress?

Once you have your bot ready for "data and text input" we suggest you see our last webinar where one of our experts gives an excessive tour through the Botpress dashboard.

Conversation design process

Working with Botpress

If you want to learn more you can go directly to Botpress youtube channel with tutorials.

Connect your chatbot to Virbe Hub

To connect your Botpress project to Virbe Hub, copy the configuration information of your selected chatbot in Botpress and paste it in Virbe Hub:

  • "Botpress Origin" - your Botpress instance URL

  • "Botpress Bot ID" - your chatbot's unique ID

All set! You can deploy and test your being!

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