Microsoft Bot Framework

Make sure you have a successfully published Microsoft Bot in Azure Cloud. If you do head out to Publish your bot section. If you don't continue reading.

Create your bot

Use Botframework Composer to create and manage your chatbot.

QuickStart: Use this tutorial: .

If you're using LUIS and/or QnA (eg. when you use Core Assistant template) make sure to also enable and configure their credentials in the 'Configure' tab.

Publish your bot

  • In Botframework Compose, make sure to create Publish Target and publish created bot to your Azure Cloud.

  • Use "Default site" or create a dedicated "New Site" (version 3.0) and copy one of the generated 'Secret Keys' in your Being Dashboard

Configure your engine in Virbe Dashboard

  • Head out to your dashboard, select "Free flow engine" and select "Change Conversation Engine" :

  • Paste copied Secret key to Microsoft Bot Framework configuration view

Your being will from now on use your Microsoft Bot as conversational AI. Test it out in Web widget, Virbe Beings Mobile App or in Virbe Digital Signage app.

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