Connecting Google PALM (Vertex AI)

Important update: This model is not currently supported by the AI Editor

  1. To acquire Vertex AI credentials, head out to the VertexAI dashboard in Google Cloud:

    1. First, make sure you have the proper project selected:

  2. Switch to the IAM and Admin tab using the top-left menu

  1. Select existing (go to step 6) or create a new Service Account that will be used in Virbe Dashboard

  1. Name your Service Account eg. Virbe Dashboard - it will be easier to identify in case you will want to revoke permissions

  1. Grant the necessary `Vertex AI Service Agent` role to this account. Optionally, you can add more, but this one is a must to make it work with Virbe Dashboard.

  1. Open the selected or newly created Service Account.

  1. Head out to Keys Tab to create a new Private Key. Make sure to save the private key as JSON.

  2. Save the key and open it in any Text/Code editor

  1. Copy the content of the JSON file to the Virbe Dashboard for your configuration view. Make sure you didn't add extra or remove any characters - a corrupted JSON file will prevent Virbe from using it, thus resulting in a speaking error.

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