Enabling AI Editor as your conversational engine

How to Choose Virbe AI Editor as Your Conversational Engine

  1. Access Your Virbe Dashboard: Navigate to your Virbe Dashboard.

  2. Select the Conversation engine: In the side navigation, find and click on the "Conversation engine" tab.

  3. Configure the Conversation Engine: If the Virbe AI Editor is not already selected by default, click on "Configure conversation engine" to proceed with the selection.

  4. Choose AI Editor: Select AI Editor from the list of supported engines, and click on "Save engine selection".

  5. Enable AI Editor and Connect an LLM Engine: To use the AI Editor, you need valid LLM credentials. After saving the selection of the AI Editor as your conversation engine, click on "Configure in AI Editor". This will open the AI Editor on its settings page, where you'll be able to connect an LLM of your choice with your virtual being.

For information on further connecting an LLM engine, refer to the upcoming chapters.

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