Using AI Editor

Introduction to a reliable management of Virtual Being's behavior

AI Editor allows you to design the persona and intelligence of a virtual being, including any factual information specific to your needs and use case that the virtual being needs to properly realize its purpose. Essential components allowing you to structure its understanding are: the AI Prompt, the Knowledge Base and Tasks.

The AI Prompt establishes the virtual being's identity, encompassing its personality, bio, and primary role and purpose. This foundational layer dictates how the virtual being understands its purpose and communicates with users, ensuring overall consistency and repeatability in its behavior.

The Knowledge Base functions as the virtual being's extensive informational reservoir. Here, detailed documents and data are stored, including rich content in the form of images with descriptions, allowing the virtual being to access and utilize precise facts, figures, and context-specific knowledge. This ensures accuracy in the virtual being's interactions, providing users with reliable and informed responses, as well as enriching the interactions with contextually relevant visuals.

A unique feature in managing a virtual being's capabilities is the introduction of Tasks. These allow you to define the virtual being's behavior in specific scenarios, offering an unparalleled level of control over AI-induced actions. By specifying tasks, users can guide the virtual being's decision-making process, tailoring its actions to fit the desired context and objectives.

In the following sections, we'll delve deeper into each of these components, showcasing how they contribute to creating a sophisticated and interactive virtual being.

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