AI prompt

Filling in the AI prompt is fairly easy, but it's important to take into account that this is also the core of the virtual being's personality. It's a base and vital context for their every interaction with end users.

The most important things you need to know about this part:

  1. Identity fields (name, age and role): they already constitute an important base for the virtual being's approach towards users. For example, if you specify their role as "Fashion Stylist" or "Personal Assistant" their approach will lean more into a direction of being helpful and assisting people. If you prefer a virtual being who is more compelling when speaking about your brand or events, consider giving them a role such as "Brand Ambassador", or "Company Enthusiast".

  2. Bio: this should be a brief bio of a virtual being. It will help them understand their background better, but also they will use it when introducing themselves.

  3. Role and purpose: this field is very impactful. Here, describe the virtual being's main goals and motivations, such as: "My goal is to understand the user's issue better and suggest a solution". The more descriptive you will be in the desired behavior, the better. You can even suggest a loose structure for the virtual being to follow, for example: "(...). In order to do that I always ask 3 questions from my questionnaire to better understand the problem, and only then I move on to suggest next steps". Also, it's a good idea to narrow down the main topics your virtual being is comfortable with: these will be the first they will default to or propose as conversation topics. For example: "I mostly talk about my company's products and solutions, but I also like discussions about fashion and games".

  4. Extra facts: this is a long field (up to 4,000 characters), where you can add all the other pieces of information that you believe your being should have at hand to provide the best responses. These may include some basic information about the company or more details about their role, you can provide more context to the instructions from the previous field. For example, let's fill that in with the "Questionnaire" mentioned above: "Questionnaire: 1. When did the problem occur? 2. Have you tried contacting the delivery service? 3. Is your subscription active?" In this field you can also add some additional behavioral rules, such as: "Rules: I don't discuss politics. I'm always polite, although I like to crack a joke from time to time. I generate responses of up to 50 words." And whatever else you feel like you should instruct your virtual being to do. Don't be afraid to play around with this, add stuff as you test, and be creative!

  5. Additional note: your writing style in the prompts above may affect the speaking style of the virtual being, so play around with this as well. Try to be more or less formal, very to the point or more creative with your descriptions, use slang or jargon – your choice!

Below you'll find an example of a filled-in prompt for a Ski Expert and Salesperson!

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