Voice / Language

The virtual being's ability to talk to people comes from the combination of two technologies: Speech Recognition (Speech-To-Text or STT) and Speech Generation (Text-To-Speech or TTS).

In Virbe Dashboard it's necessary to select the STT & TTS configuration, which means selecting the languages in in which the users will be speaking (STT) and languages/voices the virtual being will be responding in. In case of STT it's enough to just select the language.

In case of TTS the configuration comprises of two parts:

  • TTS engine (selecting from a list of different engine), and

  • a specific voice in a specific language.

Good news! You're not bound to just one language.

In selected plans, we support recognizing and generating multiple languages simultaneously which means your virtual being will be able to switch between the languages. Currently, depending on the plan you're subscribed to, we support from 1 to 5 languages simultaneously. In any case, always make sure to set a default language to the one you're expecting the most.

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