Open Source Integration

If you are using an open source version Virbe Being Core Light, you will have to use the following Config file to configure the VirbeBeing component:
"chat": {
"enabled": true,
"chatUrl": "http://localhost:8888/api/v1/chat",
"origin": "http://localhost",
"chatApiAccessKey": "47asdsa-1231-asdas-77fg"
"sttConfig": {
"engine": "google-stt",
"recordingChannels": 1,
"recordingFrequency": 16000
"ttsConfig": {
"engine": "amazon-polly",
"audioChannels": 1,
"audioFrequency": 16000,
"audioSampleBits": 16,
"audioType": "pcm"
Save this JSON as TextAsset in your project Assets/, make sure you have locally launched the Docker containers with ./ script and hit Play to test how it works.