Ready Player Me - Tutorial
In this tutorial you will learn how to setup your first Virtual Being Unity project based on Ready Player Me characters.
Before you start this guide make sure you have an existing and running instance of a virtual being at Virbe. If this is your first experience with Virbe tools head out to to register and request a Virtual Being.

1. Import Ready Player Me Package

Create new blank 3D project in Unity and import Ready Player Me package into your project. After successful import Avatar Loader should appear. Paste your custom 3D character link into the URL / Short Code field. If you don't have any RPM models yet head out to Virbe Ready Player Me Creator to build your own avatar.
After providing URL or Shortcode into Avatar Loader in Unity click "Load Avatar". Your RPM model should appear inside the scene.
Avatar Loader Plugin for Ready Player Me characters

2. Import Virbe Core Plugin integration.

Import Virbe Core Plugin [download here] into your scene. After Succesful import place VirbeBeingRPM prefab inside your scene hierarchy. In Virbe component you need to provide two parameters:
  • Host domain - URL address under which your virtual being is hosted.
  • Chat API Access Key - unique key that is required to connect with your virtual being.
Both Host domain and Chat Api Access Key can be found inside your Virtual Being dashboard at Virbe under Deployment Being - Unity section.
Unity Deployment Section - Location of Being ID and Chat API Access Key

3. Combine Avatar with Virbe Audio


4. Import Virbe UI Plugin and connect Events



If you complete all of the steps from this tutorial and your Virtual Being is not responding make sure to check the following reasons:
  • [TBD]