The virtual beings created with our platform can come in many forms thanks to being integrated with Unreal's Metahuman technology.

Avatars available out of the box

By default, our platform comes equipped with eight Metahuman avatars that are ready to be used right away. These avatars represent a range of genders and ethnicities to provide a diverse set of options for creating virtual beings. Among them, you'll find avatars with different skin tones, facial features, and hairstyles to suit your needs.

Take a look at the images below to see each of the available avatars and get a better sense of their unique qualities.

Below are examples of a close-up shots of the Metahuman avatars.

Import your own Metahuman

If none of the above default options are quite what you're looking for, don't worry – it's possible to import your own custom Metahuman avatar to the app.

Coming soon. Write to us at support@virbe.ai to learn more and request early access.

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