Microphone settings

Hear your consumer - set up your mic!

Once you choose your hardware setup, it is crucial to choose the right settings for your hardware. It should be the right balance between how well it is capturing your client's voice and how well it is canceling unwanted background sounds.

Input/levels setup of your microphones is a state of the art and will be very case-sensitive. We recommend a trial and error process, as well as good testing methodology to find the right settings for your location and case.


Nvidia Bradcast, ASUS noise canceling utility, Andrea PureAudio beamforming software.

Above, are software solutions to help your microphone pick up less background noise and voices of other people that are in the room. They are free as long as you have a proper hardware (nvidia graphic card, Asus gaming computer, Andrea mic, etc.). We recommend using one of the solutions, but detailed setup is very case and hardware dependent.

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