You want the Kiosk App to look good and run smooth. Rule number one: use the proper GPU.

Both Unreal Metahuman and other quality 3D models require high-performance GPU in order to run smooth. If you wish to run other applications on the machine, also RAM and god CPU are required.

Computer components should meet below requirements:

Processor (CPU) - Core i7-1165 or equivalent from AMD is a minimum requirement. Using Core i9 or equivalent is the preferable option.

Graphic Card (GPU) - GeForce RTX 2060 with 6 GB GDDR6 or equivalent is a minimum requirement. For the best experience, stable work and no overheating we recommend RTX 3060 (12 GB), or equivalent.

RAM - Minimum requirement is 16GB. Recommended 64GB

Disk - 128 GB is a must. In order to run smooth and silent SDD is preferable.

SIZE MATTERS and HEAT MATTERS - if you wish to use the App in a digital signage solution (like a self-standing Kiosk) you should keep in mind that not all computers will fit behind the screen, and proper heat management is crucial for long-term operation.

And what if I have an Apple Mac machine? For Metahuman Kiosk we do not recommend using Apple Mac. For Unity Kiosk App the Apple Mac Mini with M1 silicone and 16GB RAM is a good choice - you will have a smooth experience.

  • Intel NUC Phantom Canyon - best value for money and suitable for Digital Signage due to small size. RTX 2060 onboard. Usually requires buying additional RAM and SDD. It meets only the minimum requirements, so you will not get the best experience and it will get quite hot if operating 24/7.

  • Intel NUC Dragon Canyon (extreme) - expensive and requires customization. Fits only to certain digital signage solutions. Comes with top parameters and performance, and keeps low temperature.

  • Any gaming laptop - suitable for digital signage solutions. Usually not recommended for 24/7 operation and might experience cooling issues.

  • Any mini tower PC - will be suitable for certain digital signage solutions. Requires good research and customization.

  • Any other PC - requires a lot of space so not suitable for digital-signage (unless the main Unit is stored separately and connected with long and high-quality HDMI). Good price and performance.

  • Apple Mac Mini M1/16GB - small, quiet and cool. Recommended only for Unity App.

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