Login, security, power management:

  1. system preferences➝security & privacy: turn off "Disable automatic login"

  2. system preferences➝security & privacy: turn off "require pasword after sleep or screen saver"

  3. system preferences➝security & privacy: keep login/user password (safety reasons)

  4. system preferences➝security & privacy: allow app store and identified developers

  5. system preferences➝Desktop & Screen saver: turn off screen saver

  6. system preferences➝mission control: turn on "when switching to an applicatipon, switch to a Space with open window"

  7. system preferences➝battery➝[laptop only, while on battery]: Turn off display after "never"

  8. (laptop only) system preferences➝battery: turn off "automatic graphic switch" + turn off "slightly dim the display" + turn off "Optimise video streaming"

  9. system preferences➝battery➝power adapter: Turn off display after "never"

  10. system preferences➝security & privacy➝advanced➝turn on "require administrator password to acess system-wide preferences"

Touch drivers

  1. For iyama monitors go to link: download and install drivers

  2. For other touchscreen providers please follow manufacturers guidelines

Not all touchscreens will work seamlessly with Apple devices. Refer to manufacturers guidelines for more details.

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