If you wish to use IoT (like motion sensor), you will need to set up additional software.

In order to connect an IoT device to your setup, you will have to install additional software on your machine. If you decided to work with Conbee II Zigbee gateway to connect your IoT devices, below you will find a fast guide on how to connect it.


OpenHab is a software for home automation, that lets you use IoT devices (Bluetooth, Zigbee, WiFi).

  1. Check the version of java: "cmd"➝ "java -version"

  2. Set up environmental variables:

    1. Open Control Panel and go to System and SecuritySystem.

    2. Click Advanced system settings.

    3. On the Advanced tab, click the Environment Variables button.

    4. In the System Variables area, select the Path environment variable and click Edit.

    5. In the dialog that opens, add the bin folder of your Azul Zulu installation (the directory where you unpacked the .zip file). Make sure the bin folder is placed at the top of the list

  3. Launch the runtime by executing the script C:\openHAB\start.bat and wait a while for it to start and complete.

  4. Point your browser to http://localhost:8080. You should be looking at the openHAB page requesting you to set up an administrator username and password.

  5. In order to run it on windows startup: follow instructions:

  1. instal dEConz app and go online (

  2. Creat account and logi to the app

  3. In order to make it work with OpenHab:

    1. download DeConz app in OpenHab

    2. in DeConz online app go to: settings➝gateway➝authenticate app

    3. Click "authenticate app"

  4. In order for automation to work dEConz app should be ON all the time.


  1. In case Conbee II cannot connect (contanair error): open openHAB in you browser➝ pause and play deCONZ (conbee II app)

In order to prepare and run the automation with IoT device go to our Discord group and ask on how to create a script, as this is very case-sensitive.

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