Recommended setup

In the below section, you will learn the minimum recommended hardware set-up for Kiosk App.

  • Computer: In order for the App to run smoothly you have to use a computer with minimum requirements: Core i7-1165 / 16GB RAM / 128GB HDD/SSD / nVIDIA GTX 2060 with 6 GB GDDR6. It might be a gaming laptop, or mini PC like Intel NUC Phantom Canyon. It also works on regular PC's.

If you wish to use ready-to-go Digital Signage Solution (like prebuilt Kiosk Device), the built-in, regular Intel NUC will probably not be powerful enough to handle the Kiosk app smoothly. This applies especially to the Metahuman version of the App.

  • Screen: The kiosk app may run on any screen (tested on up to 75'). For the best experience, it should be a touchscreen, although it will also run on regular screens (like laptop screen).

You should use a vertical screen orientation, otherwise, you may not be satisfied with how your Virtual Being looks on the screen.

  • Microphone: you can use any kind of microphone with the kiosk app. But directional microphone or dedicated Kiosk microphones should work best - check out microphones section. Proper setup of microphones is covered in detail in Microphone settings section.

Microphone set-up is crucial for the success of your Kiosk App project - go ahead and read the whole Microphones section.

  • IoT: in the basic setup no IoT devices are required. If you wish to add external signals as in-app triggers, go through IoT section.

  • Peripherals: good loudspeakers are essential, and those are the only peripherals that you need to run the App.

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