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Metahuman Kiosk

Go Digital Signage - use Virbe App
Metahuman App can be downloaded through your Virbe Hub account from the "Being Deployment Section". In order to start using the app with your own Virbe, you have to download the "Config file" from the Being configuration tab and import it to the Metahuman App.
Metahuman Kiosk currently runs Windows. Recommended requirements are listed in Hardware Setup page

Instalation (Windows)

  1. 1.
    • app consists of three separate files - download all of them
    • Your computer may treat "VirbeMetahumanSetup.exe" file as a potential threat, so you will need to follow the below actions:
      • allow to download
      • go to: system settings->Windows Security->Virus & threat protection->Allowed Treat-> Protection History-> chose information about VirbeMetahumanSetup.exe file and "Allow"
  2. 2.
    Run VirbeMetahumanSetup.exe
    • Your computer may ask you to instal Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime component. Allow and proceed - this will instal the required Unreal components
    • after that your installation of Metahuman app will continue and create a desktop shortcut
  3. 3.
    Run the shortcut from your desktop
    • allow for internet and network connection also in local networks
    • enjoy!