Metahuman Kiosk

Below, you can find some general guidelines:

  1. The kiosk is already linked to your Virtual Being in the Virbe HUB. This means that all changes applied to you being in the dashboard (voice, convAI) will propagate automatically to kiosk settings.

  2. In order to run the app just download the folder, unzip and run "VirbeKiosk.exe".

  3. Please note that in order for the app to run smoothly you have to use a machine with minimum requirements: i7 / 16GB RAM / 256GB HDD/SSD / nVIDIA GTX 1060

  4. The kiosk app may run on a large screen (tested on up to 70').

  5. A few words about the microphones:

  • Microphone: you can use any kind of microphone with the kiosk app.

  • Settings of the microphone (4) will be different for each hardware setup and environment.

  • If you wish to use the kiosk in a very noisy environment, we suggest two setups:

    • stage microphone: any dynamic stage mic (like Fame Audio MS 58 MKI) + Behringer Uphoria U-2 sound interface. For detailed setup contact us directly.

    • small microphone attached to the kiosk frame: Andrea Communications C1-1021450-100 PureAudio USB-SA External Digital USB Sound Card with Superbeam Array2S Microphone Bundle. For detailed setup contact us directly.

For the app itself (numbers from the photo explained below):

  • (1): 3D Avatar: in the beta version of the app there are only two models available - use button (1) to toggle. In order to change your voice from male to female, you have to go to the web dashboard.

  • (2): You can choose if you want to use "voice detection mode" or the "press to talk" button (the touch screen is useful in this mode)

  • (3): Settings: a window (4) pops up

  • (4): you can choose your voice input and level (level one is the most sensitive, level 10 is the least). This setting is crucial for proper voice recognition engine work. Also setting will vary depending on the microphone and environment. HINT: check your system settings - mic input should be set to 100% for best results.

  • (5): In this field, you will see what the Virtual Being understands (speech description) - useful to determine if your microphone input is set properly and also to monitor the overal performance.

  • (6): Depending on the mode (2) you chose to use:

    • in "press to talk" this button is used whenever you want to talk to the avatar.

    • in "voice detection mode" this field is used to monitor the status (changes to "listening" when voice is detected).

    • in both modes this button may be used to stop Virtual Being talking.

    • Sometimes (usually when plugging in a new microphone), you will have to restart the app in order to make it work in the app.

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